Fun Stuff

Card Games

Playing cards is one of my favorite hobbies. I play in groups ranging in size from two to nine or more depending on the situation. Name the game! If I don't know how to play, I'd love to learn. Here are some of my favorites.

Husker Football

My love of husker football is well known. I have season tickets and enjoy every game (win or lose...true, I enjoy the wins more) until the final gun from the Southwest stadium.


Ok...many of you know that I like to eat. What you may underestimate, though, is how much I actually CAN eat if I want to. Along with eating out, though, I do also enjoy making my own stuff too. So, in order to keep track of things, I've made my own little on-line cookbook.


My playland is where I build and try different web technology goodies...or reproduce the ridiculous.

Science Fiction

From Star Trek and Star Wars to Babylon 5 and the X-files, I'm a big Science Fiction fan.